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Estio Training Leeds Local Review by Sam H, 30/05/2019

I've noticed that lots of the reviews on here are from people who have just started the whole process with Estio and there are not many people who can make an account of the experience from Start to the very end. Overall my experience with Estio has been very disappointing, full of false promises and discriminating. I wouldn't wish my experience with them upon anyone. When starting with Estio, all candidates are asked to go for an induction to receive information in regards to Estio and the apprenticeship program. Here was also the opportunity to provide ID and any documentation which they needed to know about. As I am dyslexic, I handed over all of my documentation in relation to this to the staff at Estio to look through and make arrangements for my requirements such as extra time. I later found out that my documentation was ignored by the staff on this day as when I started my training and exams I soon discovered that no action was taken by the staff. I then questioned staff at Estio regarding this who assured me that they were going to sort it. Once it came to exam day the issue wasn't resolved and I was forced to complete my exam without my requirements otherwise I would be "Delaying my course" which I didn't want to do. They then responded assuring me that the issue will be resolved for the next time I complete an exam in the same way and that someone would email me regarding this. I never got a response. A few months past and I received a phone call from someone at Estio asking for feedback of the course. This is when I explained to Estio (For the 3rd time) my required accommodations and that the accommodations for my disability had not been resolved. They then responded with an email asking me to resend my documentation so it could be sent to the correct place. By the time my next week of training came around I was put in exactly the same position. I asked the trainer if they could check that the extra time was added to my exam and he assured me once again that it will be sorted by the time I take my exam at the end of the week. Once the end of the week the exam was delayed because of a technical issue caused my miscommunication by centre staff. Everyone was frustrated by this as that time could have better spent. After some time, they then called us in to register for the exam. When I went in I asked the exams officer if the accommodations had been added as I felt I needed the extra time. When they checked the system it was clear that once again… Nothing had been done. After 3 months of phone calls with Estio and the exam board, unnecessary visits to Estio, they added my requirements and I was then able to complete my exam. The exams officers were apologetic about the situation however they were unaware of the procedure due to lack of training that was a failure of Estio. During my course I had to complete many assignments over the space of 18 months to then be submitted to the exam board during my EPA (End point assessment) The EPA comprised of the work I submitted, synoptic project and an interview. After completing all of this I then received a phone call from my Skills coach explaining how the majority of my work was great and above standard however they failed me due to one answer I submitted as I had answered it in a different way to what was required by the exam board. After trailing through my assignments and checking Estio’s One File system for the question they had asked me, I discovered that Estio had instructed me incorrectly on how to fulfil this criteria. After further talks with Estio they were insisting that I had to pay for a resubmission even though it wasn’t my fault and that I would have to do my synoptic project and interview all over again. Estio had basically set me and other apprentices up to fail, if that’s not a scam of £17K then I don’t know what is. If you’re an employer or thinking of being an apprentice, don’t waste your time and look elsewhere!