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How can Online Reviews Give a Good Customer Service Narrative?

It’s one thing saying, as a business, how good your customer service is but quite another to demonstrate it for all to see. Businesses who do highlight their customer service via their online reviews are set to capitalise on one of the most effective ways to engage new customers and grow their business profitably, effectively

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Trustist – a Customer-Focused Review Platform

When choosing your review partner, it should go without saying that the company you choose to work with should be focussed 100% on you and helping you gain success through your online reviews. Sadly, in some businesses’ experience, that is simply not always the case. That’s why, at Trustist, we proudly declare ourselves to be a customer focussed review platform but what, exactly,

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How can Reviews Give You a Competitive Edge?

Online reviews have been around for a good few years and are now heavily relied upon by consumers – more now than ever before. For example, did you know: 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business* 88% of consumers report trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations* 31% if customers are

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