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Well Polished Paisley Local Review by Emily S, 03/06/2019

Highly unprofessional. Hired the East Kilbride branch for a 2 hour clean every 2 weeks and immediately the guy was trying to push more hours on us. Not overly pleasant on the phone and definitely made to feel less important than more regular clients. Took the cleaner 3 weeks to eventually manage to come out and when she did it was obvious she had little cleaning experience - the flat didn’t look much better from when she’d started. Had her back a second time and told her what to focus on for that clean. Again a sub-standard clean. It appeared she hadn’t attempted to clean the shower although she said she had. Finally, went to cancel the service and have heard nothing back. We then had the cleaner texting to ask when we next wanted her out. They hadn’t even told their own staff we had cancelled.
Reply left 03/06/2019:  Hi Emily, we're very sorry to read your review and that you've had a negative experience with Well Polished. However, can we please ask you to remove this review and re-post onto the East Kilbride Google platform? You have posted onto Well Polished Paisley here, who we assume you have had no contact with as you mention East Kilbride in your review? If you Google 'Well Polished East Kilbride' the correct panel will come up. This would be greatly appreciated as we do not want the Paisley office to suffer the negative review, when it is not related to their service. Thanks in advance!