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Well Polished Crawley Local Review by Daniel W, 15/09/2019

Turned up 30 minutes late, we were waiting to go on holiday. Asked us where our cleaning products were, after having paid an additional deposit in advance (£10) for them to use their own. Said they wouldn’t clean or polish our ornaments, which was kind of the point of them coming. I gave them an extra £5 then they were up for it. Left my number with them & said to call if there were any problems. It’s now two weeks after the clean and we’ve only just sorted the sanding down and revarnishing of our kitchen tabletop after the cleaners spilled oven cleaner over it. When we returned home there was a cutting board over the large burn mark in our table top, though I’m assured by the owner that they didn’t actually try to conceal it. Everything that was cleaned was put back in a different place, the cleaning done was not good at all and the used cleaning products and wipes etc were just tossed in our garden in an open bag.
Reply left 16/09/2019:  Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us your review. I am very sorry to read that you were not entirely happy with the service you received from our cleaners. However I am also pleased to be able to make a few short remarks about your comments. Our cleaners don’t intentionally turn up late. Traffic is not always kind to any of us, and this is the reason that the arrival time quoted to you was “around 1 ish” thus allowing for some flexibility should they get delayed. I also acknowledged and accepted our responsibility for the damage to your kitchen worktop in an email to you on the day after the clean, and cordially requested you obtain some quotes so that we could make good on the damage. I haven’t as of yet had a reply to that email or received any quotes from you. I have also checked emails to see what exactly was included in the spec for the cleaning for that day, and there was no mention of your collection of ornaments, so it seems only fair and just that any extra time over and above that was needed to clean said ornaments should be settled up with the cleaners. Finally, I have been told by the cleaners that they used their own products as instructed, however if this was not the case, then I will ensure that your £10 is returned to you.