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The Liberated Mind Guildford Local Review by Becca S, 11/08/2019

Wow what a great guy James is! I was super nervous as I’ve never done anything like this before but within minutes of arriving James put me completely at ease and that’s not an easy task when tackling someone like me. I booked to see if James could help with my fear of flying but not only did he help me with that he has also given me the tools to tackle my fear of public speaking too. I honestly left the session feeling super positive and like he has made a real difference to the way I’m looking at things. i felt like I was walking on air afterwards. Instead of a fear of dread when I think of flying I’m now wanting to take a flight to use the tools he’s given me and instead of not wanting to go to a meeting I’m feeling like if I was met with having to talk openly then I would be able to....that’s pretty darn incredible considering the limited time he had with me. He has also sent me a super relaxing video to watch whenever I’m feeling edgy, I watched it this afternoon and passed out on the sofa due to the complete calmness of it, amazing. So yes, I would highly recommend James to anyone looking to tackle something that’s bothering you, he may have just fixed a problem that has severely affected me for the last couple of years and also another thing that has hindered me for many more years than that! Awesome! Thank you so much James. Becca
Reply left 11/08/2019:  What a lovely review. Thank you Becca it was a pleasure to work with you!