The Liberated Mind Guildford Review by Mila A on 01/07/2019 - TRUSTist

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The Liberated Mind Guildford Local Review by Mila A, 01/07/2019

James is amazing! I went to him for help on overcoming bad anxiety and insomnia after struggling with them for several months and after just two sessions I feel much calmer, more self-assured and completely ready to face new challenges! I have always been a bit apprehensive about therapists and counselors, however from the start I felt very comfortable and safe with James thanks to his caring demeanor and ability to listen well. I really enjoyed the way he used the coaching sessions to not only help me overcome my issues but also to educate me on how the human brain works so that I could better understand how these problems can arise and how to overcome them. I have not felt this at peace with myself for a very long time and it would not have been possible without his expert guidance!