The Liberated Mind Guildford Review by Tania K on 30/04/2019 - TRUSTist

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The Liberated Mind Guildford Local Review by Tania K, 30/04/2019

I went to James seeking help with decisions about my career and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. He was brilliant at making me see that this wasn’t actually the major issue and that I needed to address a number of other areas in my life before I could gain any clarity on that bigger question. He is warm, engaging, supportive and hugely motivating, with a range of brilliant tools that I have really benefited from. I always come away from a session feeling both calmer and uplifted - and with a sense of hope. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone struggling with any aspect of their life; he is simply brilliant at cutting through the jumble and helping you to get to the real nub of the issue.