The Liberated Mind Guildford Review by Hanna G on 20/06/2019 - TRUSTist

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The Liberated Mind Guildford Local Review by Hanna G, 20/06/2019

I went to James for CBT counselling following a build up of Anxiety and PTSD related issues. Having never undergone professional counselling properly before/having had poor experiences with wellbeing services in the past, I wasn't sure what to expect - but working with James has completely exceeded anything I could've imagined. In the space of a few months, James has helped me completely shift my perspective and approach to life through his superb level of care; something I did not feel was possible going into the process. James makes an incredibly successful effort to make every session feel safe and welcoming, and his attention to detail leaves no element uncertain, I've felt completely guided and reassured throughout the entire process. I am so delighted to say that James has helped me return to my 'old' self through making peace with my past and 'reinstalling' a new lease of life within me, I cannot recommend, (and thank) The Liberated Mind enough.