Max Spielmann Skelmersdale Review by D Curran on 13/11/2019 - TRUSTist

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Max Spielmann Skelmersdale Local Review by D Curran, 13/11/2019

Visited a few times to enquire about printing some pictures as gifts for children in my sons football team. Kellie helped me anytime I came in and talked through size and frame options etc. She helped me choose what sizes I needed and helped me send a large amount of pictures over off an app I had been using. She also helped me by photoshopping a different colour background onto the pictures to look better in the frames. When one or two pictures printed a little blurry or tiny mark on she straight away re printed it and made sure I was happy with all the pictures. Nothing was too much trouble. The boys all loved their football card frames and I managed to get them all at a fab price.