Lockfit Burton-On-Trent Review by Antonio-Borja V on 21/06/2020 - Google

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Lockfit Burton-On-Trent Local Review by Antonio-Borja V, 21/06/2020

Service was on point and Tony was very helpful. Unfortunately I did not like that he added a 20% to the quote that he gave me on the phone, adding VAT to it, when his own website states that he doesn't do that and the price that he tells on the phone is fixed and what you will pay. I found that very dishonest.
Reply left 23/06/2020:  Hi Antonio, I’m sorry you feel this needs to be reflected in the rating you’ve given. when we spoke on the phone I quoted the pricing and clearly said that VAT was applicable. I understand that the website has stated that it wasn’t and as per my message to you I have offered a refund of the vat as it is our mistake, the website has retracted to an older version when we weren’t VAT registered. This is being rectified straight away. I’m glad you were happy with the service and hope you can accept the apology from us. Thanks Tony