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Johnsons The Cleaners Lancaster Local Review by Catherine W, 02/02/2020

Went here for the first time to dry clean my husbands suit the other day. I was having an off day and wasn't feeling great, I did some shopping in adsa and couldn't wait to get out of there as it was very busy and stressful. I then went to the dry cleaners to drop off the suit. I was served by a lady called Ursula, she was so nice, warm and cheerful that she completely changed my day for the better. I made a point of remembering her name so I could write this review about her. Thanks for making me feel better about the world Ursula. Also when I came to collect the suit there was a different lady serving. She was equally as helpful and cheerful. Johnsons dry cleaners have definitely got it right whilst recruiting for this branch. Thank you.