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Helston Garages Volvo Exeter Local Review by Danny B, 27/07/2020

Non existent customer service. I ordered an XC40 last October, had multiple problems from day one with Kastner not realising they had to accept my reservation fee. This unfortunately meant I had gone from an original delivery date of January to April. Not the greatest of starts. I've had no contact from them throughout the whole ordeal, they didn't even have the decency to contact me and tell me they were closing down due to Covid and my April date would not be happening. I've had to email several times to find out what is happening. Eventually collected the car last month 5-6 months later than I originally had planned. To add salt into the wound I requested for my original reservation fee of £1000 to be refunded. 2 weeks of no activity, I again have to contact them to be told they have no record of ever receiving the money. Pretty impossible when you physically can not proceed with an online order without paying it. I sent a credit card statement clearly showing the transaction 2 weeks ago and yet again still have heard nothing.