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Egypt Liveaboard - Seawolf Felo reviews
Dive And Cruise Egypt Liveaboard - Seawolf Felo Local Review by Marc B, 12/05/2015

Hi Everyone, I started to dive with dive and cruise in 2010 and I have to say they are by far the most reliable, trustworthy and friendly agency I have been dealing with. The reason for my 5 star rating is for the following reasons: 1.The competitive pricing (always important but not even the main reason why I continue with them) 2. Their pertinent advice in terms of seasons. D&C is the only one that actually told mefrom time to time no it is the wrong season versus other operators where season starts 1st of Jan and ends 31st of December where ever you go and they redirected me to other destinations sometimes even cheaper. And, when doing the destination I wanted to do previously in the right season, the boat operator always confirmed what D&C told me. This is of prime importance for me and many other divers I am sure. If you do take the time off, plus chose a liveaboard it is for having optimum conditions. 3. Their advise in general in terms of destinations depending what you wanna see WITHOUT overselling a destination 4. Overall friendly and reactive service. This might seem as a given but trust me it is not. To summarize my trips I did, Raja Ampat in Jan, komodo in August, Sipadan in July, Tubbataha in March, Guadalupe in August (can't remember which year for each) and intend to do Socorro with them in a near future. To put in a nutshell, if you chose dive and cruise you are in very safe hands. They understand what type of dive you like what you wanna see and actualy recommend what's best for you and not necessarily for them. So thanks a lot dive and cruise See you soon hopefuly Marc