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Time For You Banbury Review by David G, 16/09/2016

Time For You provided two types of cleaning services for my parents, who at the time were living in Charlbury, Oxfordshire: 1. They arranged a major "spring clean" in March 2009. This involved a comprehensive clean of all the rooms in the house. 2. From July 2009 until May 2010 (when my parents moved), they arranged for a local cleaner to work at my parents' house for two hours a week. Under the contract, Time For You identified a suitable cleaner. My parents paid the cleaner direct for the hours worked. A charge was made by Time For You. We were completely satisified with both these services. The major "spring clean" was extremely thorough. The team did an excellent job and left everything in its place after the clean. The local cleaner also did a very good job during her weekly visits. She worked hard and was pleasant to deal with. She was reliable, energetic and thorough, and showed great consideration towards my parents. Time For You maintained a professional and friendly style in their contact with us. It was a pleasure to deal with John and Shirley Minnear and Olivia Fenion. They attached importance to efficiency and getting the job done, and showed courtesy and consideration when dealing with their clients. We were very happy with the service provided by Time For You. I would certainly turn to them again if we needed further help with cleaning in Oxfordshire.