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Bradleys Estate Agents Plymouth Reviews

Plymouth reviews

I and my friend have had the worse experience with Bradley’s Estate Agents Plymouth. We rented a property of theirs which we met in a bad condition ( looked like someone was living there the week we moved in without cleaning) took about 2-3 days to clean both rooms, kitchen and especially the fridge and oven before use; all from out own expense because they kept making excuses.) It was explained to us by one of their agents who showed us the place that we couldn’t rent for 12 months as the place was initially for selling but because no one was buying it had been put up for renting so we could rent for 6 months which was gonna end on December 30th then start a new contract after that.) Before December or middle of December we were told we couldn’t start Of a new tenancy because they want to put it to the place up for selling and also because we had been behind a few rents ( which we paid or and also fair reason) we accepted these reasons and decided to look for place. Bear in mind this was just before Christmas. We were then sent a notice that we could stay till the 19th January but no information was given to us about rent or fees or being charged a daily rate. This letter was sent before the tenancy ended. Then after the 30th December (date for tenancy ending) we were in London for Christmas holidays, came back to see a letter stating a rent for £419 for to stay till the 19th without any sort of explanation how this had been worked out. We phoned them up for an explanation and none of their staff seemed to have an idea about why we were being charged. Told us they were gonna get back to us but never did. The place I was suppose to rent phoned them up and they told them I was owing rent and basically I lost that property and I’m no having to sleep in a friends cold lounge. After God knows how many calls been made no one could explain to us why but they insist on charging us. Someone who use to work for them told me most of the time these fees ( they call rent) goes straight to the senior managers pocket hence why the person stopped working for them. I spoke to one of their team members today and he was so disrespectful and rude that I just can’t believe it’s the same company I rented from. Aside all this the amount of fees we had to pay before everything was processed prior to moving in was the most ridiculous thing ever. PLEASE I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO MY WORSE ENEMY BETTER STILL A FRIEND. They are the worse letting agency ever.

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