Why You Should Never Buy Reviews


There are so many benefits to collecting online reviews and focusing your time and effort on collecting as many as possible is something that we can’t recommend enough. But what happens if your customers aren’t interested in leaving a review? Or what happens if you don’t receive any feedback for months? As tempting as buying fake reviews might be, it’s definitely not the right decision to make. It’s risky, sleazy, and can damage the reputation of your business – more than any bad review can! 

Here are three reasons why this is never a good idea! 


You May Lose Trust and Credibility 

According to BrightLocal, “68% say positive reviews make them trust a local business more. ”On the contrary, “only 13% of consumers consider using a business that has a 1- or 2-star rating.” 

Statistics like these are why many businesses consider purchasing positive reviews. But it’s common sense that if word gets out that you are buying reviews, your business’s trust and credibility will suffer massively. There is nothing more important than consumer trust, so to take this risk would be the most unwise choice to make. 


It’s Illegal 

It’s true. In the UK buying fake reviews is illegal – so why would you ever risk it? It’s also not permitted by law for business owners or employees to write reviews for their own businesses.  

You can certainly ask customers to provide a review, but you can’t incentivise these reviews in any way. Offering rewards and incentives is just as bad as paying for reviews as far as Google is concerned. You’ll rank lower and lose business as a result! 


There are Other Options! 

There are many legal ways to generate positive online reviews. With the right strategy, there’s no need to spend money buying reviews. Instead, you can rely on a proven and trustworthy system for gathering honest feedback… like Trustist! 

As an example, a strong web presence increases the chance of receiving reviews. The same goes for companies that are active on social media. At Trustist, we can supply you with both. Our system not only improves your SEO, making your online presence as strong as ever, but we also integrate Facebook, Twitter and Google Posts you’re your Trustist account, meaning that you can manage your entire online reputation all in one place! 


In Conclusion… 

You may be tempted to buy online reviews, especially if you know that your competitors are doing this too. But it isn’t a good look for your business and the risks of getting caught are too great! 

Always collect reviews naturally and if you ever need help, you know where we are! 

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