Why Should I use Incognito Mode When Searching for my own Business on Google?

Is it sneaky to use incognito mode (otherwise known as private browsing) when searching for your own business on Google? Our answer is a resounding NO! Here’s our top three reasons why:

  1. Incognito Mode keeps the personalisation out of your search results so you can see if your business is showing up for the search terms you enter. If you are – fabulous! If you aren’t then you now know to do something about it.
  2. When searching in Incognito Mode the search results you’ll see are exactly the same as those that a genuine user will see, therefore giving you precisely the same information on and impression of your business that a potential customer will see…and that’s extremely powerful for obvious reasons.
  3. If you search for your business and are not in Incognito Mode, your search will influence the overall search results especially if you’re searching locally. This will skew the results you get which really isn’t very helpful at all.

If you need any more convincing, then have a look at the following images. Image one is a screen grab of a search we did in standard mode when searching for our own business using Google. If you’re logged into your Google My Business and Google Search Console accounts in the browser, you’ll be able to see useful information and tools for altering your business listings at the top of your search results.


Image two is a screen grab of a search we did in Incognito mode – again searching for our own business using Google. This allows us to see what clients and potential clients see when looking for us, which can then help us to make decisions about what we’d like them to see instead to make the customer journey better!


So, there’s the difference!

Happy searching in Incognito Mode!

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