What does Brand Level and Location Level mean in your Trustist Account?

Something that we get questions about, probably every day, is the difference between brand and location level within Trustist accounts.


Having these different levels is the way that the accounts are set up, not just for our multi-location clients, but it’s proven to be very beneficial to our single-location clients too.


This can be confusing, so here’s an article that will explain what each level is and how they comes together!



What is Brand Level?


When we say, ‘brand level’ while talking about your account, what we mean is your brand as a whole. Your brand is your total review count and average review score across all of your locations combined.


Finding brand level is easy because it’s the first thing you see when you log in to your Trustist account!

Trustist Dashboard 1



The review count and star-rating at brand level will match what reads on your main aggregation widget. You can find that in this section here:

Trustist Dashboard 02


Brand level is also where you connect your Google My Business account, which you can see to the left of the first section. If it’s connected, there will be a green tick next to it!

Google My Business


As you can see at the bottom, brand level is where you can see an overview of your locations. There, you can search for a specific location you have, sort them by their name, star rating, number of reviews, or both! There is also a button that allows you to download all the review data for each location too.


In each location, you can also see a list of review sources which you can see again at brand level. This is because all of your location review sources contribute towards your brand. If there’s a source listed at brand level that isn’t in any of your location panels, this just means that particular source is connected at brand level.


To the left, you will notice a tab list, each of these also class as brand level.


Something we explain to clients a lot is whether they have collected a brand or location level review. Here’s how you can tell which it is:

Reviews in the Dashboard


First of all, it’s in the ‘Location/Brand’ column!


To put it simply, if a review is location level, it will have the name of the location where it says ‘Your Location’ in the screenshot. If there’s no location name present at all, that means the review was left at brand level.



What is Location Level?


You can get to location level in your account by simply clicking ‘View’ in any one of your location sections.

Trustist Dashboard 02


Here, the first thing you will see are the review sources that are exclusively connected to that location:

Trustist Dashboard 03


By clicking the yellow box next to them, you will be taken to the page that is connected to your account.


The review count and star-rating will most likely change as it will now reflect the correct numbers for that specific location again.


To the right of that section, you can find the logos for Facebook and Twitter.


This is the reason why you don’t want to be using the brand level review link you were showed before! As you can see, Facebook and Twitter are both connected at location level only, which means brand level reviews can’t be automatically shared via Auto Post. A good way to think of it is as if the wires to brand level, Facebook and Twitter just aren’t connected!


Location level is great if you’re a multi-location business with a Facebook and/or Twitter page for each of your areas, because you can connect your social media accounts to their corresponding locations and then all the reviews shared will be relevant to that page. It doesn’t make sense for your London office to be showing reviews collected by the office you have in Manchester!


Location-specific reviews are also extremely beneficial from an SEO point of view. Say a consumer searched for ‘estate agents in York’, they will be able to see all the great feedback your branch in York has collected, as well as the star-rating in their search result – it makes it relevant to the consumer and removes the task of finding out if you have a branch in the same location that they’re also in.


While collecting location level reviews isn’t compulsory, it is something we highly recommend as it opens up a lot more SEO benefits, along with the added bonus of being able to use all of the features Trustist has to offer, like Auto Post!


But how can you collect location level reviews?


Below your review and rating summary, and the social media connections, you’ll see a section titled ‘HTML Snippet’ and there, you will see a review link. This is the link you want to be sending to your customers!

Review Link


Each location will have a bespoke review link that you receive after you sign up with us, if each of your locations use only this link in their review collection, not only will that location thrive, but the business as a whole too because all of the reviews and ratings that each location receives contribute towards the brand anyway. It’s a bit like each location is a part of a sum, and brand level is your answer!

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