Using QR Codes on Business Cards

QR codes are codes consisting of an array of squares which can be read by machines – including smart phones! They can contain a URL, and when they are scanned by a user it will automatically take them through to that URL on their device, opening a new tab.

QR codes can be beneficial as it’s a quick, easy and efficient way to access a webpage… such as leaving a review!


The Benefits of Having QR Codes

There are many advantages of implementing QR codes into your review collection strategy, such as:

  • They’re cheap and easy to generate – you can easily generate a QR code by simply just searching for a generator on Google. Usually, the page will show you a link to paste your desired URL into and then a downloadable QR code will appear. The site we use to generate ours and our clients is QR Stuff.
  • Minimize the risk of user error – It’s extremely easy to make a typing error, and this might go unnoticed when a customer is searching for your review link. With a QR code, scanning eliminates the risk of an error as it takes them straight to the webpage.
  • Mystery attracts customers – An unlabelled QR code could take a user anywhere. This mystery is intriguing to the customer and natural curiosity will urge them to scan the QR code.
  • They’ve become a norm – Since the pandemic began, you’ll have probably seen QR dotted about everywhere – especially with the track and trace app. This means that a lot more people will know how to, and have the means necessary, to scan a QR code.


What to use QR Codes for

You don’t just have to use QR codes as a direct link to your website, there are tons of purposes they can be used for!

For example, have you ever considered using QR codes to run your promotional ads? Or maybe even using it to take the consumer to a video, audio clip or trailer?

What we suggest to our clients is using the QR code that we provide for collecting reviews. Their customer/client just has to scan the code with their phone camera and the bespoke review screen will show up, leading onto the straight-forward process of leaving a review.


How to fit Them into Your Design

At first glance, you might think QR codes are ugly and take up valuable space, but people forget that they’re not just there for decoration and that they contain something useful. They can replace the section where you’d usually have your contact details and your review link! This means that QR codes could potentially save you space and leave room for other things, depending on your business card design.

If you’re still not convinced, QR codes can also leave your customer with the impression that you’re ‘techy’. This could impress your customers and increase the trust that they have in you.

If you’re wondering how you could aesthetically include QR codes in you existing card design, something we recommend is just simply Googling ‘QR codes on business cards’ and lots of different examples will come up that can give you inspiration. To name an example, there’s one made of wood with the QR code engraved on the back!

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