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Timpson Buxton Local Review by Karyn B, 20/12/2019

Left my boots in to be re-heeled and was told iit would take a few days, as they only had black heels and they would need to order brown heels in. I left my number and was told I'd receive a call when the boots were ready to collect. No phone call came, so I called the store but no one picked up. I went to pick up the boots today, only to find that the boots had been re-heeled with pink heels - a shade nowhere near the original brown. I paid as I had my 5 year old with me who has additional needs and didn't want any lengthy discussion to prompt one of his meltdowns. I'm now left with a pair of relatively new £65 boots that I can't wear in public. If I'd been called, at least I would have had the option of declining to have the boots heeled in that colour.