How To Help Your Business To Appear On Google Maps

The Advantages of Getting Your Business on Google Maps


Ensuring that your brand is visible online is, of course, an important step in your approach to marketing. A huge proportion of consumers now search for their next purchase using the internet, and having a good website that is regularly updated, along with active social media platforms, is a great way to engage with people and encourage them to invest in your products or services.

However, another very effective approach to getting your company discovered by new customers is to place a marker for it on Google Maps. Google Maps optimisation techniques can help to increase your reach both to local audiences and across the globe. But how do you use them? Read on for Trustist’s guide to Google Maps.

How Do I Make My Business Rank on Google Maps?

The best first step in this process is to get a Google My Business account. This tool is free, and allows you to create and manage your company’s search engine listing.

If you complete your company’s profile comprehensively and to a very high standard, you’ll improve its performance within the Google results, but also, if you add your address (which you definitely should!) you’ll be able to create a Google Maps marker that will lead people right to your door.

This approach will not only reveal your company’s whereabouts in the midst of the local community, but will also make it more likely that you’ll get footfall from further afield; visitors and tourists like to look up things to do around their destination, and being visible on Google Maps will help both them and you.

How Do I Increase Visibility on Google Maps?

Of course, it’s great to be able to locate yourself on Maps, but how do you climb up the rankings when people search for businesses of your kind in the area?

  • Firstly, it’s vital to ensure that you include your business name, address, email address and phone number on your GMB profile, and keep this information up to date. Make sure that your number features a local area code if possible.
  • Make sure your introduction is detailed, but not too wordy. Research those of your surrounding competitors and make sure yours is unique and appears different to theirs.

Completing your GMB account in full, including high quality images and updating your posts regularly are also methods that are bound to increase your performance, but the role of customer reviews is also vitally important.

The more good responses you have to your products or services, the higher you’ll rank – especially if you use software like Trustist, which gathers your reviews from all across the internet – including sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor along with specialist forums focusing on your specialist fields – and displays them all in one place to increase trust in your brand and promote the fact that you are highly credible.

Trustist helps you to encourage a flow of positive reviews to your online platforms, which in turn ensures that you climb up the search results on both Google and Google Maps. For more information about achieving better reviews and bolstering your SEO performance, contact Trustist today.


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