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A guest blog by Ellis Bates financial advisors.





Ellis Bates have been a client of Trustist for many years.  Over the course of the last few months Ellis Bates have been refining their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign with Google AdWords including the introduction of tailored landing pages and trialling various data capture techniques.



The Current Workflow for Ellis Bates Clients


Through a series of tests over recent months Ellis Bates know that the highest chance they have of successfully capturing the details of prospective client is to have one webpage with just the postal code entered by the potential client which then directs to another page where more information is requested.  This then submits the person’s information to an adviser and a free consultation follows.



The new A/B Test Involving the Trustist Widget


Ellis Bates have been using Trustist widgets on both pages for some time, but nothing above the fold – the user needed to scroll down before seeing any Trustist branding/ratings etc. This A/B test was put together to feature the Trustist ‘starbar’ rating in a prominent position, above the fold. Here are the results so far with the new variant labelled with (trust) after the page name. You can see the conversion rate and percentage uplift for each page.


As the A/B test was progressed the weight of traffic was tweaked so that statistically valid data was produced.


Page one – the landing page

Landing Page


Page two – the contact form (the sample of traffic is smaller here because I reset the stats to zero).

Contact Form


The following images are taken from the header section of the page to show the element before and after the change. Nothing else has been changed so the results are purely down to this single change.






After Contact


So, for every 100 visitors visiting the first page 15% more people would progress to the second page and 28% more would then complete the required information to get a free consultation.


Taking in to account the 15% and 28% increases this mean that by moving the Trustist widget to the top of the page the increase in enquiries is 43% – a remarkable finding!


The moral of the story – if your Trustist widget is placed anywhere other than at the top of each of your pages you’re missing valuable sales opportunities.  Every web site and sales funnel will behave differently and we’d love to hear your stories when you make the change – get in touch!


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