Even More Top Tips for Customer Service

Last month we shared with you our top tips for customer service and this month sees Part II ‘Even More Top Tips for Customer Service’; after all, offering memorable customer service (for all the right reasons) really will help you to differentiate yourself from your competition. So, here are our next four top tips:

  1. Smile! Yes, you read that right, smile! A smiling face always makes your customers feel welcomed and if you’re thinking to yourself, “But I run an online business, my customers never see me” think again! Research has shown that putting a smile on your face translates into your voice and, we’d argue, in how personable and friendly your email/social media interactions are as well. So, smile!
  2. Leave a great last impression. The customer experience runs right through to the very last impression, so make sure you never get complacent. If you leave your customer with a smile on their face, then you’re far more likely to have a returning customer on your hands. A simple, “Enjoy your day” at the end of your interaction can make all the difference.
  3. Customers reach out to be heard, so make sure you let them explain their issue and take it seriously. Quite often, the fact that someone has listened will make your customer feel a lot better. Follow it up with appropriate action to resolve their query and you’re there! P.S. Listening is also a great way to learn. Your customer may just be about to share with you the next improvement idea, strategy or technique so keep listening.
  4. Act with urgency. Following on from the last point, ensure that your customer receives a timely resolution. It will help them to understand that you’re taking their point seriously and are keen to help them, but it will also help you too. A timely resolution means that you’ll have more time to concentrate on other things – like building up your business, creating that next winning marketing campaign or asking previous happy customers for a review…


Which leads us nicely onto how giving good service can help you with your review strategy!

  • Firstly, it probably won’t come as a surprise to read that, giving good service will help you to receive good reviews and good reviews help you grow your business. Put customer service at the heart of your business and it will also help your review strategy!
  • If you need any help understanding why you should always respond to reviews please check out our blog ‘Why You Should Respond to Reviews Quickly’ for some jaw dropping stats and fabulous top tips. Responding to reviews is all part of providing good customer service and those that deliver the very best customer service always follow up after the transaction element is completed…and that includes responding to your precious online reviews!

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