Do Reviews Keep People on Your Website for Longer?

We recently read an article that claimed that between 70-96% of people who abandon your website NEVER return. Having gone to all the hard work of designing and developing your website – and having people find it – what a colossal shame (and missed opportunity) to have people leave and never return!

What can you do to ensure people stick around on your website and thereby increase your chances of converting them to a customer? Here are our top three suggestions:

  1. Grab your visitors’ attention
  2. Create regularly updated scannable content
  3. Incorporate social proof

By implementing all three of the above suggestions you’ll keep visitors engaged and on your website for longer which increases the opportunity of making a sale and gaining new customers.

The stats back this up with Nestlé reporting that it’s measured its pages that show as rich results in search, and they have an 82% higher click through rate than non-rich results pages!

Does all this sound like a lot of hard work? Well, think again.

Here’s one fabulous way that will not only grab attention and create regularly updatable scannable content but will also provide all the social proof you’ll ever need and that’s online reviews.

By incorporating online reviews onto your website you’ll keep visitors on your pages for longer which, in turn, increases the chances of that all-important sale. Online reviews grab visitors’ attention, are regularly updatable, incredibly scannable and are the most powerful social proof around as they prove to visitors that your business is trustworthy.

Including your reviews on your website also directly helps to increase your revenue – check out our latest blog, covering the stats that prove just how much your business can benefit from collecting and displaying reviews!

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