Why use TRUSTist as Your Review Platform?

Would you like to use your reviews and testimonials to increase your sales with a tried and tested review platform used by hundreds of companies globally?

With the TRUSTist review platform we help you use your reviews for your financial gain. We use your reviews to get you STARS IN GOOGLE search results using Structured Data, sometimes called Rich Snippets. We also send a load of other structured data to your webpages each time our code loads and that gets you SEO benefits.

Using TRUSTist as your review platform gets you:

  • Stars in Google search results
  • Stars in Google = More Clicks
  • More Clicks = More Opportunities to Sell
  • More Opportunities to Sell = More Sales for you
  • Structured Data which tells Google important information about your website – only 0.3% of websites use Structured Data – get ahead of the game
  • Integrate with your social media accounts every time you get a good review
  • Facebook account – get more clicks
  • Twitter account – get more clicks
  • Google+ account – get more clicks
  • Google Posts – claim your free advertising on Google and get more clicks
  • Easily collect more reviews via email or face to face on a phone or tablet in the place that influences your sales most of all – Google reviews

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