Display Reviews Widget

You can have your reviews displayed on your own website, updated in realtime, readable by Google and showing the stars in natural search results.

Adding the Display Reviews Widget to Your Website

To display your reviews on your own website, add the following code wherever you would like the list of reviews to appear.

<!–START OF TRUSTist REVIEWer CODE – DO NOT CHANGE–><script src=”https://widget.trustist.com/[TRUSTist ID]/reviewlist.js”></script><div ts-reviewlistwidget></div><!–END OF TRUSTist REVIEWer CODE–>

The TRUSTist ID will be provided by TRUSTist within your account. If you do not have your brand code, please contact us at info@trustist.com.

Modifying the Display Reviews Widget

There are various modifiers that can be used to customise the Display Reviews Widget.

To limit the amount of reviews displayed, please use the following modifier.

<div ts-reviewlistwidget ts-page-size=”3″></div>

Suppress Reviewer Name

To suppress the name of the reviewer please use this modifier. 

<div ts-reviewlistwidget ts-suppress-review-names=”true”></div>

Suppress Review Date

To suppress the review date please use the following modifier.

<div ts-reviewlistwidget ts-suppress-review-dates=”true”></div>

Font Changes

To change the font on the Display Reviews Widget you can use the modifier below.

Colour Changes

To change the colour of the text, use the following modifier.

<div ts-reviewlistwidget ts-color=”red”></div>

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Updated on June 9, 2020

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