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Connecting Google My Business (GMB) to your TRUSTist Account

In this article we show you how to connect your Google My Business account to your TRUSTist account.

Published: 18th January 2019

The advantages to you in connecting your Google My Business account to your TRUSTist account are:

  • Whenever a Google review is left for you it automatically comes in to your TRUSTist account which increases your review count and adjusts your rating automatically.
  • You get to see location based data about your business including requests for directions, phone call statistics and click data from Google Maps to your website for 12 months ago, last month and this month.
  • You can turn on Auto Post so that every time you get a new 4 or 5-star review it will automatically create an eye catching Google Post which is free advertising on Google for your business.
  • You can create your own Google Post from within your TRUSTist account.
  • You can reply to Google reviews from within your TRUSTist account.

Firstly, open a browser window (eg Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer) and go to https://www.google.com/business, or just click on the hyperlink and go there.  If you need to login to your Google My Business account login to the account then please do.  If you have multiple Google logins make sure it is the right one for your business.

Next, open a new tab within the same browser window and go to https://www.TRUSTistREVIEWer.com/ or just click on the link.

In the Client Login section (not the Sign Up section) enter your username and password.  This will have been sent to you after you set up your payment.

If you have Google reviews already a maximum of five maybe shown.  Connecting your Google My Business account will bring in any other Google reviews that you have and any new ones you collect.

Once logged in on the right hand side of the page there is a heading – Connect Your Brand Level Accounts.  Select the second one in the list with a capital G icon to the left of it.

Choosing Google My Business from your TRUSTist dashboard

You will then be presented with the Google My Business account you logged in to earlier.  You will then be presented with a screen with a blue CONNECT button.  Click on this.  Confirm the account by clicking on it.

Connect Google My Business

You will then be presented with your Google My Business account.  If you have several business listings within Google My Business, please select the one which is relevant to the business we are working together on.

Select your Google My Business Account

On the next screen scroll down to the blue Allow button and click it.

Allow Google My Business

Next click the Home button from the menu on the left.

TRUSTistREVIEWer home button

You will then be able to see all of your Google reviews.  The process of bringing your Google reviews in to your TRUSTist dashboard should only take a few moments but can take up to 30 minutes, so check back after a few minutes to see progress.

Google My Business Connected

After a short while all your Google reviews will be present at location level (Google search is very location oriented and so is TRUSTist) and at brand level at the top of the page too.  The ‘G’ icon will now be black to show that you have successfully connected your Google My Business account.

To see data about how you are performing in Google Maps results scroll down to your location(s) and click the blue VIEW button.

Scroll down until you come to the section called Google Metrics and here you will be able to see data relating to your location’s performance in the Google Maps results for 12 months ago, for last month and for this month.

Google Posts

Google posts are a valuable form of free advertising and we strongly recommend you use them.  Here are some examples of Google Posts on desktop and mobile.

Google Posts Desktop

Google Posts Mobile

Google Posts only last for seven days so that often acts as an incentive for clients to collect reviews on a regular basis.  Your TRUSTist account will only post about 4 or 5-star reviews and is limited to two Google Posts per day.

To turn on Auto Posting click on the slider next to All or Google Posts.

Google Auto Post

Your Own Google Posts

You can create your own Google Posts from within your Google My Business account and you can do this from within your TRUSTist account too.  Google Posts can be about anything and many businesses use Google Posts to help promote their online presence.  The best practice around Google Posts is to do them regularly.

Examples of Google Posts might be where you have just completed a job for a client and want to publicise it, or if you’ve just started a new service or won a new contract.

To create a Google Post manually from within your location scroll down to the Google Posts section and fill in the details.  When you’re finished click the blue PUBLISH button and your Google Post will appear within a minute or two.

Google Posts

Replying to Google Reviews

Now that you have attached your Google My Business account you can also reply to your Google reviews within your TRUSTist account.

Go back to the home screen.

TRUSTistREVIEWer home button

Click on the Google link under the Connect your Brand Level Accounts section.


If there is more than one account showing select the one that is relevant to your business.

Reply to Google Reviews 2

If you have already replied to a Google review then VIEW AND EDIT RESPONSE will be shown against that review.  If you have not replied to a review VIEW AND REPLY will be shown against that review.  Click on VIEW AND REPLY.

Reply to Google Reviews 3

Enter your reply in the blue box and once completed press the blue SUBMIT button.

Replying to Google reviews 4

Book a Demo

If you’ve found this article from searching around on the web and you’d like to see how the TRUSTist platform could benefit your business then please book a demo.

Updated on August 13, 2020

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