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Connecting Facebook to Your TRUSTist Account

In this article we show you how to connect your Facebook account to your TRUSTist account

The advantages to you connecting your Facebook account to your TRUSTist account are:

  • Whenever a Facebook Recommendation (formerly a Facebook Review) is left it automatically comes in to your TRUSTist account which increases your review count and adjusts your rating automatically.
  • You can turn on Auto Post so that every time you get a positive Facebook Recommendation it will automatically create an eye catching Google Post which is free advertising on Google (please see https://www.trustist.com/blog/knowledge-base/connecting-google-my-business-gmb-to-your-trustist-account/ to see how to connect your Google My Business account to your TRUSTist account so that this feature is enabled).
  • By turning Auto Post on for Facebook as well you the TRUSTist platform will also do a post on your business’s Facebook page.

Firstly, open a browser window (eg Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer) and go to https://www.facebook.com/ or just click on the hyperlink and go there.  If you need to login to your Facebook account then please do.  If you have multiple Facebook logins make sure it is the right one for your business.  Often Facebook business pages are within personal Facebook accounts.  TRUSTist will only bring data from your business page in to the TRUSTist platform.

Next, open a new tab within the same browser window and go to https://www.TRUSTistREVIEWer.com/ or just click on the link.

In the Client Login section (not the Sign Up section) enter your username and password.  This will have been sent to you after you set up your payment.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and next to your location click the view button.

Then in the right hand panel click on the Facebook icon.

You will then be presented with a screen with a blue button with the text ‘Continue with Facebook’, click on this button.

Continue with Facebook

If you have multiple pages in your Facebook account select the name of your business by clicking on the blue ‘+CHOOSE’ button next to the business’s name.

Choose your Facebook page

You will then have connected your Facebook page to your TRUSTist account and any new Facebook Recommendations will automatically come in to your TRUSTist account and your rating and number of reviews will be automatically adjusted as this happens.

Your Facebook Recommendations within TRUSTist

Once you have connected your Facebook page to your TRUSTist account, your Facebook Recommendations will come in to TRUSTist automatically.  Don’t be alarmed if this takes up to 30 minutes to happen after you’ve attached your Facebook page.  TRUSTist’s software runs at set intervals as there are literally hundreds of thousands of tasks running every hour and the job to bring your Facebook recommendations in to the platform will be added to the next cycle.  Once the job has run, your Facebook reviews will be included within your location review count and rating and your brand review count and rating.

Facebook Recommendations within TRUSTist

Using Auto Post on Facebook

Next, go to your location screen again and find the Auto Post section.  Turn on Auto Post so that any new review from any source will generate an automatic post on your Facebook page.  Auto Post will only post about 4 and 5-star reviews and is limited to two posts per day.  Click SAVE when you have turned Auto Post on.

Auto Post for Facebook

Book a Demo

If you’ve found this article from searching around on the web and you’d like to see how the TRUSTist platform could benefit your business then please book a demo.

Updated on October 17, 2019

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