Do Online Reviews Matter More Than Word of Mouth Now?

You’re looking for a new product or service. Do you a) ask family/friends for recommendations or b) take to Google and see what others have purchased and/or experienced? If we were asking you this pre-2008 then offline word of mouth was still far more credible to customers than its online counterpart. However, that was 18

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Are Amazon Allowing Fake Reviews?

On June 25, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced an investigation into whether Amazon have broken consumer laws by failing to take action against fake reviews on it’s site. They are investigating concerns that Amazon have not been doing enough to prevent or remove fake reviews to protect their customers and honest businesses.

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How Can You Get Customers to Include Keywords in Their Reviews?

We’ve all read reviews that say something like, “Service was good. Will go back” and whilst it’s very kind of customers to take the time to leave a review, reviews like this don’t really provide too much useful information to your prospective customers, nor will they help boost your organic search engine optimisation (SEO), thereby

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Using QR Codes on Business Cards

QR codes are codes consisting of an array of squares which can be read by machines – including smart phones! They can contain a URL, and when they are scanned by a user it will automatically take them through to that URL on their device, opening a new tab. QR codes can be beneficial as

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How Can You Identify a Real Review?

With about 5-10% of customers now writing reviews how can you tell if what you’re reading is a real review or a fake one? Well, one way that readers can be assured that a review is real is to look for a verified review badge which is often shown next to, or underneath, the review

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Is it Possible to Appeal False and/or Negative Reviews?

Businesses occasionally receive false or spam reviews from time to time on third-party platforms such as Google or Facebook. When this happens, they often come to us and ask whether they can delete these false and/or negative reviews. The short answer is yes, within certain parameters. For example, here are a few of the common

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Reputations are built on happy customers

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