A law firm awarded £25k damages for defamatory Trustpilot review

Source.   Commercial law firm, Summerfield Browne, have been awarded £25,000 after they saw new business enquiries fall in the weeks following a review being published on Trustpilot, posted by a former client who paid £200 for advice.   This review was one of five one-star reviews the firm has. However, with 66 of the

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Do Reviews Keep People on Your Website for Longer?

We recently read an article that claimed that between 70-96% of people who abandon your website NEVER return. Having gone to all the hard work of designing and developing your website – and having people find it – what a colossal shame (and missed opportunity) to have people leave and never return! What can you

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Increase Your Sales by Increasing Your Reviews!

There are many things that can contribute towards an increased revenue, but for businesses with an online presence one of the most important factors is keeping customers on the website long enough to solidify their purchasing decision, as there is often a point of doubt that can make or break a sale.   A study

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Are Reviews More Important Than Ever?

Oh we could be cheeky and say ‘YES.  THE END!’ but in all seriousness how would that help you?  You’re busy, right?  You want to know, before you invest time into this online review strategy thang, how it’s going to help your business grow!  Well that’s what we’re here to share with you courtesy of

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Why You Should Never Buy Reviews

Source. There are so many benefits to collecting online reviews and focusing your time and effort on collecting as many as possible is something that we can’t recommend enough. But what happens if your customers aren’t interested in leaving a review? Or what happens if you don’t receive any feedback for months? As tempting as buying fake reviews might be, it’s definitely not the right decision to make. It’s

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How will QR Codes be Used Post-COVID-19?

Despite being around for years, during COVID-19 QR codes enjoyed something of a renaissance. In fact, you could go as far as to say that COVID-19 has given new purpose to the much-maligned QR codes as they’ve taken their place as a rather elegant enabler of contactless commerce. Businesses have used QR Codes for contactless

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Reputations are built on happy customers

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