Fake Reviews

Criminal Convictions and Lawsuits Last year in Italy a man was jailed for nine months for selling fake TripAdvisor reviews to hospitality businesses. TripAdvisor even shared evidence from their own investigations at the trial. That TripAdvisor helped obtain this conviction is an important reminder that industry leaders will catch you out. And it’s not just

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Review Gating – What is it?

In this article we look at Review Gating and what happens if you do it.  This is looked at from an overall SEO point of view. Review gating is simply the pre-qualification of reviews.  Low rated reviews are then not published in to the overall review score for a business.  Sometime the pre-qualification of a

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The Importance of Google My Business (GMB)

Having a solid presence in Google is key to a business’ success, not least because it is the most used search engine in the world.  In fact, as of December 2018, NetMarketShare reported that 73.62% of all searches were powered by Google. Given Google is the Biggest Search Engine, how can businesses compete better in

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