5 Ways To Improve Your Local Search Listing On Google

What is Local SEO? If your business’s online presence reaches thousands of people all over the globe, that’s great – especially if you’re predominantly an e-commerce business and can ship your products or provide your services worldwide. But what if you’re a local company that does most of your business face to face? If you’re

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How To Handle Negative Business Reviews

The majority of your audience – around 67%, to be exact – will only need to see three bad reviews to decide against using your products or services. 94% of people have said that an online review has dissuaded them from using a particular company in the past.

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The Importance of Google Reviews

How Important are Google Reviews? Nigel Apperley, Trustist’s Chief Executive Officer, trialled several review platforms during his time as head of E-commerce at Kwik Fit.  None of these platforms had a positive impact on revenues so Nigel decided to focus on collecting just Google reviews across 40 different Kwik Fit branches. All 40 branches which

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